a game

I am in a bedroom. It’s cast in an orange hue. In front of me someone is sitting at a desk with his/her back towards me. To my left there is a large bed. There is a little girl and little boy playing a game on the bed. I don’t know them. I’ve never seen the game before; but it strikes me as being ancient. The game pieces are made up of many-sided, hollow geometric shapes. There’s about 5 of them, maybe 6; and they are as big as the kids’ hands. The little girl begins to explain the game to me, though without vocal language. The game isn’t competitive. It involves transforming one of the shapes so that it opens up and another smaller shape can be enveloped within it. The transforming of the shape is done through efforts partially physical and partially psychic. She begins the demonstration — and when she merges 2 of the shapes together, I awaken. ♨


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