Divorce Hearse

In the bathroom with Joey sticking letters rub-on onto the tub and on a blue poster.  “o’  “p” and he was fussing around to “really” print them. I looked and he had a few letters with depth like old letterpress blocks made of wood. I was making swans and shapes by rubbing the letters over-top-of-each-other.  I was rubbing them right onto the tub like a strip of typewriter white-out. I had just come home to the abandoned  grey house to see a volvo and a long car in the driveway only instead of it being a hearse it said “divorcer” I went inside, popped a hook eye lock to my parent’s secret suite and saw my mother dumping a big contact down the drain. She was hiding evidence. And by drain I meant a big square hole in the up-stairs.  I ran out side to try and see the culprit who I heard moving downstairs, but they were gone.   I was driving in Joey’s car or a van and I saw his mother. I followed her into our neighborhood seeing her peek back at me. I was going to turn off to the left but there was a one-way sign to the right.  I rode a big blue bike. I was putting a weird foot on, a gym shoe stuffed with plastic? There waiting in line,  I met a woman named Christina I had met before.(not actually) I was somehow in a place with younger people and they were contextually able to talk to me here. I had hooked up the young boy with an act. I don’t know what act it was, but it was for a show.   Riding the bike in Hamden, I swooped to a stop on a corner. It was twilight.&~~


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