fingerless gloves

It was as if I were trying to catch a solid reflection of myself in a rushing brook.

. . . I then started cutting off large sections of each of my fingers so they would fit into the small gloves. I used dull scissors for this horrible chore; it was tougher to get through the tendons than the bone. The bone just snapped clean with the initial pressure — the tendons took a special kind of focused time. However, I saw through the gruesome task with steadfast dedication and utter agony, without so much as a flinch. The real pain and frustration didn’t come until much later. For I realized, not soon enough, that the premise of my reasoning was faulty — the gloves were the fingerless kind!

Needless to say, awkwardly typing this with sore bloody knuckles has been a humbling and lonely experience.


2 thoughts on “fingerless gloves

  1. I was at a funeral yesterday with fingerless gloves on. I have a few pairs of them and I really like them but the ones I wore in the church were “goth” with buckles. This dream of yours is still really vivid and sad to me. So much cutting in your dreams, did you notice? I hope you are well.

    • I haven’t much noticed, but you’re right. I’m going to have to think about that. A new theme that I’ve been dreaming about is shrunken bodies — like the size of a hand or finger. I haven’t posted those dreams, but perhaps I will soon.

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