About the Journal

O Rose, thou art sick!
Seduce.. let loose
The Vision and the Void
Blood sickle.. honey suck

In little children’s heavy heads
My dreams erupt while in my bed
Innocence is dripping red

In Dreams…

Heads on fire and drunken lights
Days devoured by Hungry Nights

Sweet tortures fly on mystery Wings
Pure evil is when flowers Sing
My heart
My Heart is a Rose

Give sanity a longer leash
Some of us have sharper Teeth

In dreams I walk with you
In dreams I talk with you
In dreams…
You’re Mine
All of the time

The Invisible worm
The Vision and the Void
The blood sickle cuts
And the honey sucks

O Rose, thou art sick!

This virtual journal is a collection of dreams — some fragmented, some whole. It does not house the nocturnal visions of one mind, but many. It is a place where sleeping minds collide and waking realities are influenced by lives lived on the other side of oceans, in different time zones, in different sleep cycles. It is an experiment rooted in the mystical science of Alchemy — musings resulting from the playfully teasings and taunts of Morpheous as we nightly rock in his welcoming arms.
In the deepest realms of sleep we are united as One. In the world between oneness and the strangeness of the other the boundary begins to blur. This collective journal is a homage to The Haze — the place where sight is not limited to eyes, sound to ears, touch to skin, nor scent to the nose. It is where our bodies melt and shadows, cast in pure darkness, dance — a world illuminated by the stars of our minds.
NoRules. NoLaws. NoBorders. NoTime. NoSpace. We Are Free.

*Image by William Blake
*Poem at top from the song “Love’s Secret Domain” by Coil.

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