About the Dreamers

Estranged Expat Landmasshopper | Junkyard Engineer | Wacky Word Writer | Make-Believe Artist | Armchair Occultist | Desperate Psychonaut | Light-Thief-Shadow-Collector | Rainbow Chaser | Dream Catcher | Heathen Fire Worshiper | Funhouse Mirror Gazer | Adamant Moonbather | Morning Star Seeker | Old Bone Collector | Benevolent Mischief Maker | ♨
If you must know more: www.playingshadows.com

Barefoot Walker | Secret Letter Writer | Squiggle Scribbler | Shadow Dancer | Cycling Singer | Memoryshreds Collector | Star Chaser | Soap Bubbles Catcher |  Anarchist Cook | People Watcher | Silent Observer | Loud Discussionist | Morning Bird | Night Owl | Music Addict | Odor Maniac | Insect Sorceress | ☆

A deranged artist living in the entrails of New York City. Gaze more into his diabolical vision: www.chrisoneal.com

Past Lives: PSYOP Soldier, Philosophy Student, Spanish Teacher, Waitstaff, Massage Therapist || Now: Writer, Parent, Curandera, Yoga, Food Consciousness, Ayurveda, Paper & Bookmaking, Sanskrit, Arabic, Mudras, Ritualia || Future Lives: Music & Dancing, Non-profit Healing Center, Bookstore, Travel & More Writing || Healing: W*A*T*C*H* || Reviews & Language Explorations: Stats On Loved Debris || &

“I live and dream in Baltimore, MD and currently have a very serious mouse problem, though I have just created a new batch of poison that may just get those jerks once and for all. For almost as long as I’ve been painting I’ve been trying to paint something with the same jarring, unsteady intensity as my dreams.”
Other paintings may be seen at www.gregmclemoreart.com.