weed horns

I am with Katie, she’s pregnant, we’ve been lying around all day talking. We get up and go into the bathroom. I start combing my hair into various different styles and see in the mirror that I have two large weeds growing out of the edge of my hairline, each about 18 centimeters long. They are weeds, commonly known as camelthorn, which I have seen and uprooted many times before in the desert of New Mexico. I tug upwards on one from its base, and I feel a line of pressure move down my skull into my teeth as I lift it out. About 3 centimeters of rooting below the surface come with it. I then squeeze the tiny hole that has been left, and a thin, solid stream of puss spirals out. It is about 10 centimeters long. I am delighted by this, and Katie and I laugh. I work on the hole more to make sure I got everything, and only a small amount blood comes out. I’m not sure if I will remove the other one or not just yet. ♨