plastic nose thugs

I’m being hunted by a gang of giant people. They all have plastic noses. One of them saw me in a store and tried to crack my skull with a massive padlock. I dodged it. People that I think are my friends are not. Sometimes, in certain lighting conditions, I can see that they too have a plastic nose. My friend Heather is on my side, but doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation, and how much these people want me dead. There is this place that I keep returning to. It’s a holy place, but when someone tries to light incense or candles they are shot. I try to warn people, but they continue to make a pilgrimage to the place. A gang member is flirting with a girl friend of mine. I try to tell her that he is only trying to sleep with her, but she only says “and so what if he goes through it.” I’m not entirely sure what she means, but I get the feeling that she is falling for the thug. I tell her to be careful, knowing the violence that is in him. ♨

jehovah’s wittnesses assassin

I dream a lot these hazy days but can hardly recall all the pictures and appearing people, situations and moods.

Tonight I was chased by a woman from a religious cult. She shot me in an open street. I knew I was already dead but still conscious. I saw everything happening around but hoped she wouldn’t recoginze.

Though I was already dead I wanted to spread signs that could lead to my murderer later. I ripped some magazines apart and threw the pasges in all directions. I also had a booklet from the woman’s organization and ripped it in pieces, hiding one part of it in my pants.

I felt no pain but that it was a pity I was dead. ☆