Neon Bar Rock Jump

I went up the black steps that were well lit. People waited for me as  I banged through the safetygates with the key. I opened up the roof, but it was trashed. It was night. I lay down with my head on the edge. There was a blanket. I began to talk to the person next to me.

The night was long and filled with troupes of makeuped women. I strode into a cool neon lit bar. It was long and tables filled with laughter was a scent of energy thick and deep with currents. Any one person strolling in would have had to tear a hole into the vibe in order to break it’s lush cocaine undertow. The frolicking rocked their toothy bodies. A woman with electric blue braces smiled wide as the waxing cheshire moon. Her lips were glistening candy red. I came to attack someone. I came in with violence in the heart. It was only milky arms and smiles braced and eyelashes made of feather and black liner beaded with luminescent paint. Everyone was from pandora.

I didn’t stay there. Where I went was filled with tiny animals.

The next day you and I walked in a strange town. We found a rock with a historical leap. They told of how the huge gap over the water was usually crossed by a rope swing more than seven times a day. Although it was a long way down into the water, I took the leap with the rope in hand, swinging, even kicking off against the water. I made it to the other side. You followed me. And I saw you come across. &~~

Little Black Frog

In the display case my name was written with a gold band on it. I saw a long board with a wooden frame. It was at the end of a long hall. “Why is my name written there?” It was my full three names. Potential graduation date perhaps. I asked aloud. In another part of the hall, someone cheerily said that so -and- so down the hall could help. I imagined a young dorky student at a wooden desk who administered a program. Someone brought a large book for me. It was yellow and very long and wide. It cost $45. They handed me $15. This was my book stipend. I also needed a Thesaurus they said. I didn’t have the money for the necessary book and I complained.

The little frog was tiny and black. It was hopping away from me almost immediately. I chased it down the side of a building, and down a stairwell. It was rainy and nighttime. I would see it hop and I would follow. I’d go for it and it would hop again. What I eventually caught was a green salamander with a fat snake-like face outside near a fountain at night. It frightened me. I brought it back to a bookshelf and tried to put it in. It was utterly insecure there. I tossed it in with my cell phone so I had to reach back inside to get that. The little black frog got put in with the baby. It tried to grab it. I thought it would smush the frog. Even when I had the frog for a moment it was hopping. So I was given one kind of small moth, but it escaped, so I was given another. It flew up and I saw its tiny orange and black wings. They were mine, but I didn’t know how to catch them or where to put them.

Earlier I had been redecorating a cake for M. She said I didn’t have to do it. I didn’t mind. I was taking pineapple slices off of one a laying them on another. The cakes were chocolate with tan colored icing. The fruit was decoration. There were three of them. I suppose I was going to give her the one that I was putting all the fruit on. It was generous of me.