Dream Yourself Awake

May I awaken within this dream
And realize that I am dreaming,
So that I, and all dream-like beings, may awaken
From the nightmare of illusionary suffering and confusion.

Randomly repeat mantra throughout the day and 3 times before sleep.

During the day, practice these four points:
• Contemplating the body as illusory and unreal
• Contemplating the mind and mental activities as similarly insubstantial
• Regarding the world and all phenomena and experience as dreamlike, insubstantial, impermanent, and unreal
• Recognizing the relativity and ungraspable quality of concepts such as time, space, knowledge, and awareness

Reminding ourselves of these four truths throughout our waking hours helps to dissolve the barrier between the dream of life and the sleeping dream. As we become more adept at these practices, we begin to regard our nighttime dreams as continuations of our waking dream and we learn how to bring habitual awareness to both.**

*Mantra of the Tibetan Yogas of Dream & Sleep.
**From: Zhine: Tibetan Dream Yoga